Announcing Youtube Tuesdays!

Hi friends. Today is the first day of a new series I am starting called
YOUTUBE TUESDAYS–I will be releasing a video of a performance of a different one of my original songs every Tuesday on my Youtube channel.

Please click on the words Youtube near the bottom right corner of the video–so you may then click on SUBSCRIBE in order to be sure to see the best displays of my original musical work which I call Folk Rock Songs For the Soul.

I created this Youtube channel to share my performances of my original songs. As you may know, I’m a Life Coach and Singer-Songwriter who writes soulful, emotional songs of hope, empowerment, comfort, and emotional healing. So far I have written about 50 songs that are ready to record and perform–10 of which are on my debut album “A New Beginning”.

Please click on the thumbs up “like” if you like the song and also “share” with your friends to support me and help me get my songs of hope and healing out to the world. Thank you for your support!

(You can listen to the professionally recorded version of this song, which is on my album, for free on Spotify or download it from my music website or iTunes, Amazon, or :D)

FYI I am sharing the “About” section from my Youtube Channel: “Always a writer and a singer since childhood, I spontaneously started writing these songs just for myself in 2004 and discovered that writing them helped me heal deeply within. When I started sharing them with others I was told that they felt the same way–the songs were healing something deep inside. When writing them, I feel they are “given to me from above” as I work through a personal challenge. The process helps me feel hopeful and recharged again, as I reconnect with my true voice and true self. Now not all of the songs are about my own life–some songs are purely creative fiction meant to inspire, validate, uplift, heal, and empower your soul. Thank you all for your support! Please like, share, and subscribe! :D”

Lyrics:  Show the World
By Roxanne Smith
You watch the sands of time
And feel the streaming glares of signs
As they seem to roll around
Inside your head
If you stay inside this trip
You will lose your earthly grip
Got to reach inside and
Dare to wander instead

‘Cause there’s a fire in our souls
God we love this rock and roll
And we can’t hold it in
Sing together while we try
‘Cause we’re just a little shy
But the fire in our hearts is so hot
Got to show the world
We’re ready to rock!

The answers are inside
Got to go with the tide
And then you will arrive with
All of you
If you don’t go down this road
You’ll never know who’s running the show
You’re the only one who can change
To make it so.


Got to let it out
They were wrong and we’re gonna shout it
We’ll show them and then they’ll see
No going back because we’re free

Gotta show the world
We’re ready to rock Yeah, Yeah
​Got to show the world
We’re ready to rock ​
Original Song © 2013 Roxanne Smith

I will also be writing regular informational posts on this blog and adding more Pages as well so please stay tuned and better yet, “Follow”, so you will receive notifications of new posts via email. Have a wonderful week!

With warm wishes of love and light,



About Roxanne

--Roxanne Smith is a Life Coach specializing in Inner Child Healing --Providing Emotional Support and Intuitive Guidance for Healing Childhood Wounds --Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC and --Singer-Songwriter/
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