Starting Soulful Sundays!

Happy Sunday! I am starting a new series I am calling SOULFUL SUNDAYS–I will be sharing the lyrics of one my songs every Sunday. Since 2004, I have written over 50 songs that I call Folk Rock Songs For the Soul. It is my hope that they will inspire, uplift, encourage, and empower your Soul.

“We Are Here To Love” is my most recent song written within the last few months. I wrote it from beginning to end with all the chords in about an hour. I feel it was a gift from above–as with all of my songs.

With love and light, Roxanne

We Are Here To Love

We Are Here To Love


About Roxanne

--Roxanne Smith is a Life Coach specializing in Inner Child Healing --Providing Emotional Support and Intuitive Guidance for Healing Childhood Wounds --Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC and --Singer-Songwriter/
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