Folk Rock Songs For the Soul/Lyrics

Hello!  Here on this page I am sharing the lyrics to some of my songs in the hopes that they will inspire you as an emotional healing tool on your journey to emotional wholeness.

I was able to unblock my musical creativity and find my true voice as part of my healing journey and started writing songs in 2004 as I accompanied myself on my guitar–at this time I have written about 50 songs.  I will be sharing the lyrics of some my songs here on this page of my blog.

I have sung in many choirs and singing groups growing up, in college, and beyond even performing in a quartet with close harmonies.  I  have had much encouragement from other music professionals throughout my life; however, as an adult I still had self-doubt about my musical self-expression as a soloist until I started writing songs as a creative healing tool.  I am sharing them in the hopes they will inspire others to overcome the blocks to expressing their creative true selves, and give them the confidence, inner peace, and vitality that I was able to gain from writing them.

Song Lyrics:

Because Of You

Dancin In The Rain

Gotta Ride Through The Valley (Audio sample now available)

I Believe In Angels

John’s Song–I Know You Now

Sing Out The Wind

Then You Came Along

You Are The One

You’ll Never Change


I’m All Right (Audio sample now available)

Just Tell Me

More song lyrics/poetry coming soon.



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