Your coaching approach makes one feel safe to express their raw thoughts and emotions and the battles within, without being judged. You help to clarify, that I’m am not alone and not imagining or over dramatizing the personal realities of my experience. You helped me connect back to my true spirit. You helped me clarify the realities, through understanding the problem….then re-connecting to solutions in dealing with my own position…. I am grateful to have found you…You helped me so much…. and you helped me see that I am a work in progress!
Thanks sincerely, Eve


I can honestly say that you are the first person I have ever spoken with that has made me feel even remotely comfortable sharing so much about myself. I am now beginning to see that it is so hard for me to do so because of my childhood, and it is because of you that this has become possible. Having you validate my feelings has been an incredible gift, and I’m even starting to see ways that I can self-sooth. In sharing your experiences, I could really know that you understood how I was feeling, which bypassed the doubt that I always feel when I share things with others. I wish I could explain more about how much I truly valued your help and how much you comforted me, but I really can’t write it in a way that can accurately express it. I know that others will find just as much value in your coaching as I did.

Many, many thanks,


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You have helped me a great deal. I feel as though I am beginning to understand myself so much and have had many “aha” moments since your reply and allowing your points to sink in. You are wonderful at what you do and I feel so lucky to have come into contact with you.

I now know that not only will I continue to be more comfortable with myself by knowing I am the way I am for a reason, but also know that a lot of strength is building in many ways and I just know there is something great in the works when it comes to my job and some new choices with work that have been made recently.

I am learning to trust myself, to follow my intuition and to make decisions that will allow me to use my “gifts” as assets at work and in life. You have had a huge part in that and in the great things that are on the way and I just want to say thank you in advance 🙂

I believe us working together is beginning the process of change.

Thank you for this. I don’t feel like I could thank you enough 🙂



Your words are gold…I love the way you write, and how in-depth you go. I can always go back and reread what you wrote to me and find something I missed the first time. You really make me think and bring issues into perspective. This is very helpful. When you give examples of your own personal experiences, I feel that you relate and truly understand. This is very comforting. You are an amazing woman. The world is better place with you here. We need more people like you.



🙂 this is amazing and “spot on” … illuminating 🙂

I can’t express in words the range of grateful feelings I have been experiencing the past week as I have finally reached out and had real Love clarify the events of my life. Thank you so much! I am truly grateful. I would love to go forward with coaching, but since my financial situation needs resolved, I can’t afford it. When I can, I look forward to continuing a coaching relationship.

Love and light,



I am not a person who opens easily to other people. Not because I am shy or secretive, but I generally find that people don’t really listen or hear what you are saying. It takes way too much background explanation for them to begin relating to you personally. This is just not the case with Roxanne. I could feel her listening and understanding exactly how I was feeling and what I am going through. Just being understood on that level gave me a feeling of confidence and positive affirmation. I have just recently begun sessions with Roxanne and am looking forward to all that are to come. This is just what I have been needing to ease me to the next level of major growth. Thank you for your empathy and wise intuition, and genuine spirit.



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