Healing Emotional Wounds That Seem To Pop Up From Nowhere

     If you were bullied in your family in your youth, then as an adult you may be triggered by the benign actions of the people in your life. This will keep happening until you realize the truth of what happened to you as a young person or child and you begin to have compassion and TLC for for the wounded part of you that still has so many unmet needs for love, acceptance, encouragement, gentleness, and friendliness.
      It is PTSD when you feel victimized all over again and react with numbness, defensiveness, tears, or with the desire to hide and deny and beat yourself up for being overly sensitive. You were not overly sensitive, your feelings mattered then and they matter now! Soothe yourself by being kind to yourself about being triggered. Once you look at your reactions with compassion for yourself, you will be HEALING that layer of dormant, repressed emotion.
      Finding a safe, compassionate person to be a witness to your childhood trauma or writing out the truth of what happened to you in a private journal can make all the difference. It can turn a disempowering situation into one of empowerment and healing for yourself! That layer of pain is now gone forever and healed and you found a part of your true voice and expressed it! You are now stronger! Bring it on! On to the next!
     The sensitive soul is a gifted soul with compassion for the plight of others being an important gift to the planet. Devoting some time for your own emotional healing is a priceless gift to give to yourself–the gift of vitality and inner peace will change your life.
     With love and compassion,

About Roxanne

--Roxanne Smith is a Life Coach specializing in Inner Child Healing --Providing Emotional Support and Intuitive Guidance for Healing Childhood Wounds --Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC and TrueVoiceLifeCoaching.com --Singer-Songwriter/RoxanneSmithMusic.com
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