Just Tell Me


This song is fictional and inspired by female clients who are learning to assert their feelings and trust their intuition.  If you feel something is off, SPEAK UP and express your self! Communication deepens and opens pathways to the truth–the truth is crucial to living an authentic and joyful life!  You deserve true love–loving the self first and believing you deserve it will help you attract it!

Song Lyrics

Just Tell Me

By Roxanne E. Smith

Lately I’ve been feeling that you have something to hide

You no longer feel the same even though we both have tried

I know that I love you but I can let you go

I don’t want to stay with  you if you don’t really know


Just tell me–tell me what  is going on

Just tell me–tell me if there’s something wrong

I just get the feeling that you’ve had a change of heart

Just tell me so I can get a brand new start


I know in my heart that there’s true love out there for me

If you are not sure well then it’s just not meant to be

‘cause I’m savin’ my heart for a man who knows down deep inside

That I’m the one that he’s dreamed of and waited for all his life



JUST TELL ME…. so I can get a brand new start!


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