I’m All Right (Audio Sample now available)

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This is a sample of this song from Roxanne’s new album “A New Beginning”. More samples available to hear at www.RoxanneSmithMusic.com.  Downloads for purchase available now!

Song lyrics

I’m All Right

By Roxanne E. Smith

So you’re gone

I’m alone

You think I’m sitting here

By the phone

But I’m not lonely

You’re not my only

You’re surprised

Thought I’d cry

But I’m thinking’

‘bout some other guy

Who’ll treat me right

And take me dancing at night

I’m all right

Yeah I’m all right


When you come around

It just brings me down

All you wanna do is fight

Now I’m over you

I’m onto something new

I’m glad I got you outta my life.

Don’t come back

Stay away

Don’t show up on a rainy day

I’ve grown and changed

And you’ve stayed the same

It’s okay

I forgive

Now you’ve just gotta let me live

And move on your way

There’s nothing more to say

I’m all right

Yeah I’m all right


When you come around…

I feel high

Don’t feel shy

I’m excited about my new life

Don’t feel sad

I feel whole

‘cause I’m the one who’s now in control!

Chorus:  When you come around…


These lyrics are fictional and inspired by female clients struggling with getting comfortable with being alone. It is when we spend time alone and “still” then we can find and connect with our true selves–alone does not mean lonely–loneliness is a symptom of the traumatic separation from the true self in early childhood. When we are comfortable being alone and find wholeness from listening within, then we can relax, have fun, and be choosy about who we want to share our lives with and feel in control of our own destiny.


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