I See A Place

Song Lyrics

I See A Place

by Roxanne E. Smith

(Chorus) I see a place I know I can go

It’ll be a long trip.  The ride will be slow

There’ll be hills and valleys, storms to go through

But when I get there I’ll be there with you


It might be rocky along the way

Sometimes it might seem like I’m far away

But I’m determined to stay on this road

Even though I carry a heavier load


Along the way I’ll have lots to do

I’ll think of my life and I’ll think of you

I’ll feel everything I couldn’t before

I’ll ride it all out ‘til there’s not anymore

I can just see how it’s going to be

This place in my mind, it’s my destiny

You are there with me and everything’s fine

We are together I found what is mine


(Chorus-like)  This place that is mine was here all along

It was all covered up with the words in this song

The travel to get there just had to be done

Or I’d never have found my place in the sun

Or I’d never have found this place in the sun


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