Hello Highly Intuitive Souls! – An Update!

January 2020

Hello Everyone! I haven’t written here for quite some time. I have moved! This blog is about uplifting highly sensitive souls and those who are gifted intuitively! I’ll be writing there when I can to send you uplifting messages for those of us who feel “deeply” and seek connection with like-minded souls who are on a spiritual journey to actualize their Higher Selves.

I am an Empath, Intuitive, and Life Coach (since 2011) and Certified Reiki Holistic Therapist (since 2012) offering sessions for sensitive souls seeking emotional support and intuitive guidance. I am a Creativity Coach and I specialize in inner child healing, and support for PTSD from childhood wounds, shame, and/or a narcissistic parent. If you are interested in more information please email me at truevoicelifecoach@ymail.com and read about my credentials and coaching philosophy and testimonials (with links to social media sites like facebook and instagram too). I hope it all resonates!

Please follow the blog to get new blog posts sent to your email. Feel free to email me if you have a topic that you’d like me to address on my blog or just to say hello. Just fyi, Self-Compassion is rule #1 on this blog–a reminder to be extra kind to yourself when stress abounds!–it can be rough out there! You can achieve your creative dreams as you recharge, ground, and take comfort in a safe refuge just for you–Our Community: Higher Ground Haven.

As we awaken to making the most of our intuitive gifts, it’s nice to have a community that is positive, safe, comforting, and hopeful. I have been busy building my coaching business with a brand new office in Indianapolis of my very own that I moved into just this week! It’s so exciting! I’m going to have more quiet space now to do more writing and that includes more blogging, and YouTube videos to connect with all of you. Big changes have been happening in my world and more opportunities for my healing folk rock music for sensitive souls abound, as I continue my one-on-one sessions (distance and in-person) with highly intuitive, empathic souls everywhere. I’m in the Eastern time zone in the USA–don’t hesitate to reach out! I feel so honored to be working with the most kind, compassionate, heart-centered souls on the planet. I love my work and I feel so blessed.

Thank you for following this blog and for your support in the previous years that I wrote on this blog, Higher Ground Haven. Your participation in this community has meant the world to me. I’m wishing you all the best for a life filled with ease and joy.

With love and light,

Roxanne 😇💖💖

Roxanne E. Smith, True Voice Life Coaching

✨Find your True Voice, True Self, and True Vitality✨


About Roxanne

--Roxanne Smith is a Life Coach specializing in Inner Child Healing --Providing Emotional Support and Intuitive Guidance for Healing Childhood Wounds --Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC and TrueVoiceLifeCoaching.com --Singer-Songwriter/RoxanneSmithMusic.com
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