Dancin’ In the Rain

Song Lyrics

Dancin’ In The Rain

By Roxanne E. Smith

I used to have a heavy heart

I had no energy

Then I decided to forgive

And be grateful to be me


Then illusions fell away and I

Began to realize

Everything that’s happened

I cannot criticize

I learned so much about myself

From all the pain I’ve had

I feel a strength inside my soul

Now none of it was bad


While I was suffering

I could not find the sun

But somehow getting through it

Now I’m strong and having fun

Life is complicated

Bad things happen to everyone

It’s how we keep believing

That will lead us to the sun


Time for fun in the sun

Dance in the rain if you’ve got pain

Believe and you’ll receive

Don’t waste time or it’s a shame

Fun in the sun

Dance in the rain if you’ve got pain

If suffering makes us stronger

We’ll be super heroes

Dancin’ in the rain

Dancin’ in the rain

Soon it will be sunny

‘til then you can find us

Dancin’ in the rain



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