Highly Intuitive People Can Find Happiness and Wholeness By Healing Their Inner Wounds

Hi everyone!  I hope you are having a good summer.  I am and my heart seems to be bursting with the truth about the good and beauty I see in all things these days.  Is it just me, or is the sky a little bluer on a clear day than it used to be? 🙂  The beauty of the blue color is striking to me.  And the clouds…they seem fluffier, whiter, and more amazing than they appeared to me before.  The large trees now appear to me to have the wisdom of the ages when you realize they have been growing and changing for 50 to 100 years or even more.  They are so full of quiet wisdom as they stand majestic and tall overseeing all that goes on below providing shade but being nourished by the blazing sun on a clear day.  In this state of deep appreciation for nature I feel recharged and renewed in my belief that the bad things that happen to us in life hold a new lesson to be learned about our own inner strength.

As highly intuitive souls (aka HSPs) we are recharged by being alone and “still” in order to hear our inner guidance–but society tells us we must connect with others at all times to be healthy and “normal”.  The truth is we need to connect with our inner selves first and love ourselves exactly the way we are and have always been deep down inside. Then, when we are full of this self-knowledge and wisdom and love that comes from within, we can share it with others and have relationships that are deep and longlasting that are built on this foundation of love.  When we connect with our true selves we then get the sense that we are not alone–that we have the ability to tap into the love that exists in the Universe (or God) who is on our side and supporting us at all times, no matter what life brings our way.

When we cannot find this love from within, it is important to realize that we must take some time to heal the wounds and blocks from the past that keep us from seeing ourselves clearly.  Inner grief work is the brave thing to do.  How do you do this when you are so busy as it is, you ask?–there seems to not be enough time for all the things you “should” be doing?  The answer lies in the word “should” in your question.  There are no “shoulds” in the creation of each of us. As souls who began as sparks of light from God above (or the Universe), we are each as unique as snowflakes.  Finding out who we are and discovering how we really feel about things takes some time, effort, courage, and self-discovery.

I myself discovered that the best way to do this is by writing in a private journal (for my eyes only).  Pouring out your pain and suffering in your writing may seem self-indulgent–which we were most likely taught is the wrong thing to do and something to be ashamed of.  This shame was given to us by a society that has much fear and shoulds that have been drilled into us over generations.  Fear is a the opposite of love and those with lower vibrations, steeped in negativity and less compassion for the feelings of others often believe that control and repressing emotions is working well for them. Less compassionate, practical people may appear to have it all figured out but this is just an illusion.  Some may be unconsciously jealous of our abilities to recharge from within as intuitives–they cannot do it and so we are often the prey of those who are charismatic and charming on the outside but inside are lacking this self-love and the ability for deep introspection that is essential to finding wholeness in our lives.

As intuitives, we have the power within us all along just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Digging deep to find out our true heart’s desire is like being an archeologist digging for treasure that is buried in the past.  World reknowned psychologist Alice Miller, in her book the Drama of the Gifted Child talks about the trauma at the age of 5 or 6 when we repress our true selves and form a false self to survive due to the unbearable feelings that we experience from the lack of support and love, and the negativity that we felt all around us.  Then when we get stronger later in life, the pain comes up to heal to show us the truth of what we experienced as children but repressed (John Gray–How to Get What You Want…a Spiritual Guide).

The pain coming up later in life is a healing opportunity!  Don’t try to avoid it, cover it up with pills or alcohol, mask it by keeping busy with perfectionism, workaholism, other compulsions, or by being the life of the party.  All of these actions are taking you away from your true self and your chance for wholeness and vitality and a life well lived!  Make some changes–some hard choices that cause you to slow down and put your self and your deep feelings first.  Don’t listen to the naysayers who say it is wrong to spend time by yourself and on your self growth and development–they are only speaking from fear and a superficial ego that has been strongly encouraged and supported by a society that still has a survivalist and fear mentality.

Those who have been strong enough to speak out and stand out as brilliant visionaries have taken the road less traveled and listened to their own inner voice and unique genius.  It is not easy to follow your heart instead of your head but it will reap rewards far deeper and long-lasting then you can ever imagine.  Because your heart and the creative right side of your brain holds all the answers to finding the fruits of your pursuit of happiness.  Ultimately, at your core are all of these good feelings:  joy, excitement, fun, freedom, energy, exhilaration, creativity, imagination, and love.  They may just be blocked by negative feelings that are fueled by core beliefs that were formed in childhood and early adulthood–when our genius or gift of intuition was met with jealousy, negativity, and even the actions of well-meaning people who were less insightful, less intuitive, and less compassionate than ourselves.

Basicly, when we were younger we believed the people in charge because we were dependent on them to survive or desperately needed the approval of our peers.  But now YOU are in charge of you and these negative core beliefs about you may be coming up in the form of emotional pain, blocks, and hardship.  It is a sign to change direction in your goals and unrealistic expectations for yourself.  Stop trying to fit yourself into someone else’s vision of what a successful life looks like.  A successful life is the one that utilizes “your” gifts and actualizes your own unique dreams and desires and no one else can know what that is but YOU.  This takes time alone, self-reflection, and a desire to surrender to grieve all you may have lost in a childhood and early adulthood with no supportive peers or adults to encourage you and show you the way as a highly evolved soul with the gift of higher intuition.

Now you are an adult–you know how to seek out support from like-minded others and tune out advice from people who use manipulation and negativity to control you.  In your heart, you know it is time to break away from people who make you feel bad about yourself as you truly are. One fifth of the population is highly intuitve and we are growing in confidence and strength as we find each other on the internet and unite to support each other.  I feel this is my true purpose in life, to encourage and support the inner emotional healing of highly compassionate, intuitive souls who have lost their way.  I did not find my true purpose alone–other intuitives before me helped me to find my true voice but I did have to have to have the courage to delve into the pain and see where my negative core beliefs about myself originated from.

In my writing I discovered an inner child who was hiding in fear but who had gifts that were covered up with self-doubt.  Doubts are just “not believing in the truth of our gifts”–and the truth is each of you are awesome and gifted in your compassionate ways!  To have compassion for others is THE greatest gift because when you can tap into this compassion and turn it towards comforting your self, you then begin to heal on a deep level and only then you will have more and more compassion to give to others.  Alice Miller says that “when you begin to look for fulfillment and to protect the child within, the negativity will leave you and will fade” and your positive true nature will gradually begin to shine.  To have a compassionate heart is to have a light inside that has the potential to be a beacon of hope to yourself and to others whose lights are still dim.

As you begin to feel better about yourself, helping others who are wounded at the core can help you to heal as well–as you see the gratefulness in their eyes you realize the power of love and how it can grow and spread infinitely.  Ultimately, healing your inner wounds will lead you to the happiness and wholeness your soul is yearning for you to find.

With loving support,



About Roxanne

--Roxanne Smith is a Life Coach specializing in Inner Child Healing --Providing Emotional Support and Intuitive Guidance for Healing Childhood Wounds --Founder of True Voice Enterprises LLC and TrueVoiceLifeCoaching.com --Singer-Songwriter/RoxanneSmithMusic.com
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9 Responses to Highly Intuitive People Can Find Happiness and Wholeness By Healing Their Inner Wounds

  1. Beautiful, I love being by myself and filling my journal up with words of the day. I try to inspire others along the way one of my inspirations is my mum who has a shining smile for all.

    • Roxanne says:

      Hi Kath, Thanks for the kind word and for sharing about your wonderful introspective self! When I read your blog I feel at home with a friend who is as introspective and imaginative as I am. Your latest blog post “shined a light” on my desire to finish some children’s books I started when my children were young and…even to write some more! :)–thanks so much for stopping by and inspiring me. 😀

  2. edcat44 says:

    Wow loved this! I’ve always enjoyed my own company, for as far back as i can remember. My Mum was a narcissist and I’ve only just realised at the age of 44. Then I found out I am HSP too. So that has answered so many questions about my ‘quirks’. I’m not kooky I’m normal for me lol.
    Even when I’ve been very hurt or wounded I have never truly felt alone. Guess I’ve always been tapping into the universe just didn’t know what it was I was doing. How cool are we? Even with my Mum trying to destroy me I’m still coming up on top 🙂

    • Roxanne says:

      Thanks for your comment, edcat44! Your positive energy and outlook feel so refreshing! I’m so happy to hear that you resonate with this post about looking within to connect for the answers–yes, we are cool aren’t we haha–seems we have much in common. I love your inner strength and humor. I see you have a blog too (I am also on a low carb diet but it’s a little different from yours–but I’ve just recently discovered the wonders of coconut oil 🙂 ). Yes, funny how the narcissists in our lives have made us wiser and stronger–the opposite of their intent to disempower us. Yay! We win! 😀 Please keep in touch! I plan to comment on your blog too. 😀

    • Roxanne says:

      Hi edcat44, I received your wonderful comment and I would like to email you back. Please email me at truevoicelifecoach@ymail.com and I will email you a reply!, Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog! 😀

  3. edcat44 says:

    Hi Roxanne, thank you for the reply. I have printed out one of your poems and taped it on my bathroom wall so each morning I read through it and it gives me so much strength. My fave part is ‘don’t shout at the broken’, so true. Your webpage has been invaluable to me in the last eight weeks with all the processing I have had to do. Not to mention coping with suppressed memories popping up lol. And the universe keeps on giving, just found out my husband and I are Twin Flames. So I’m so blessed.
    I am doing everything in my power to be present for my children and empowering them with unconditional love and lots of humour. As I say two of the best things in life are free, love and laughter. I’m also teaching them about the universe as I’ve recently found out my son is an indigo and my daughter is a crystal child. Should have known something was going on with her when age three she told me “I chose you to be my Mum because you are right for me” Whoa! I said what do you mean “chose” me? She just shrugged her little shoulders and said “we all choose our parents”. Okaaaaayyyyy, then why the hell did I choose a Mum like mine?
    Now I get it. So I could be the most amazing Mum to my children. Just have to make it through their teenage years lol 😉
    I find your insight so helpful. You are one blessed Lady! When I found your page it was by typing Narcissist and HSP. Then to do the test and find out I’m highly intuitive too. Sorta knew that as even when I was nursing I could sort my patients out without even asking them what they needed. And even now my husband will ask me how does that feel for you? And I’ll go to my belly button and if their is no feeling I know we are on the right path. Decisions become a lot easier when you give full reign to your intuition.
    But everything amazing happens when you rid your life of anything toxic. And this to me means people and food.
    I’ve been HFLC diet wise and it has transformed my life in energy, happiness and weight loss. More importantly I have transformed my kids by removing gluten and sugar and processed food. They both glow and my son is no longer chronically constipated and his attention at school is so much improved he has even managed to be placed in the 2nd top reading group. A year ago that was far from ever happening.
    So thank you Roxanne for telling your truth. You are a godsend for many people who stumble onto this page. If I could meet you I would give you a big hug in thanks (in a non creepy, non stalky way of course lol).
    PS That is an old blog I don’t do it anymore but sort of thinking maybe I should blog about waking up at the age of 44.

    • Roxanne says:

      Hello edcat44, Thank you again for this lovely comment. :D(–I responded to this comment in a private email and just realized I forgot to post it–so that’s the reason for the late date on the reply.) I am so happy that my poem was helpful to you–thank you so much for letting me know. You sound like a wonderful mother to your children–they are blessed to have you! Thank you for sharing about the spiritual things you are discovering about your husband and children–I too am learning more about such things and I find it all to be very supportive and like a “hug from above” with all the new esoteric and spiritual knowledge I’m discovering that resonates with my soul. And thanks for sharing about the high fat, low carb diet–I am on a similar low carb diet that is anti-inflammatory. So happy that you all have found renewed health, mental clarity, energy and happiness from it–I too stick to it so that I have the energy for all the things I want to do! 😀 {{{HUGS}}} right back to you, edcat44!! Sending warm and caring wishes and lots of love and light, Roxanne

  4. Was looking for some takes regarding this topic and I found your article quite informative. It has given me a fresh perspective on the topic tackled. Thanks!

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